Tail waggin’ mysteries

A cat with a distaste for a certain cologne.
A pet shop owner seeking justice.
A billionaire dead.

Trinity Ashford owns Tail Waggin’ pet daycare and store. Every morning, the kindly Mr. Armstrong brings her coffee. At least until his handsome son, Brad, shows up wanting to change everything. Then, Trinity finds the elderly Mr. Armstrong murdered and is determined to prove his son is the killer by using the old man’s cat, Moses, as a witness.
The cat hates the scent of the cologne Brad wears. Trinity is convinced it’s the same brand the killer must have worn in order for the cat to react as he did. No one believes her, but she is determined to prove the cat is a viable witness.
As she seeks to prove Brad the murderer, she realizes he is far from a killer and the two of them end of teaming together to find out the identity of the real killer. From small town strips malls, to penthouses, and country clubs, they check off suspects one-by-one until they get too close and find themselves facing death. AMAZON
A nature hike turns deadly.
A dog digs up a body.
Somebody wants Trinity Ashford out of the picture.

After Trinity Ashford’s dog, Sheba, digs up a dead body, danger lurks at every turn. Trinity hadn’t gone snooping for trouble this time. Trouble came for her. Somebody is very interested in the crime she helped solve a few months ago.

Attacks and threats on her life have made Trinity determined to take down a killer before somebody is digging up her bones. Is the killer who she thinks it is or can it be someone she’d never suspect? AMAZON
A Corgie and a cat with noses for trouble.
A missing diamond necklace.
A jewel thief with a thirst for secrecy.

When a pet owner leaves her dog and cat at Trinity’s pet daycare and doesn’t return by the day’s end, Trinity takes the animals home. What she discovers there is a ransacked home with no sign of the pet owner. To make matters worse , a new cop of the Waterfall Police force thinks Trinity the main suspect.
She can’t help it if she has a talent for trouble. An ability to solve crime. A skill to almost getting herself killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Will this time be the time she meets her untimely end? AMAZON
A puppy left on Trinity’s doorstep.
One that has a taste for theft.

When a beagle puppy is dropped off at Trinity’s pet store, Tail Waggin’, with a note calling the little thing a thief, she thinks nothing of it. Until, the four-legged rascal steals a Rolex that had already been stolen once. But Trinity has vowed not to get involved in another mystery. She knows she’s said it before, but this time she’s serious. Almost getting herself killed grew old fast.

Her mother and friend have other ideas, sending the three of them along a path of revenge, murder, and the theft of more than a watch.

Could this be the last mystery for the Waterfall Sleuths? AMAZON
A theft of robberies.

Some too weird to be believed.

The Waterfall Sleuths vow to save Christmas!

Trinity Ashford is happy with the lull in crime around Waterfall. Until someone breaks into her car and steals a box of donations for the local animal shelter. Even then, she doesn’t want to go nosing around, despite the urging of her friend and mother. But when someone breaks the front window of Tail Waggin’ and drags away the Christmas tree, the war is on!

Follow along as Trinity and her crazy friends chase down a thief who, at times, seems little more than a nuisance.

Can they return stolen items in time to save the Christmas holiday? AMAZON
A trouble making cat at a wedding reception.
A murder at a wedding.
Murderous clowns?

Trinity Ashford and her friends are in over their heads this time. When a man is found murdered at Trinity’s bestfriend’s wedding, clutching the bride’s missing diamond earrings, Trinity sets out to find out who is stealing from the people of Waterfall.

Not only she is trying to solve a mystery, she’s trying to plan her own wedding and renovate the “haunted” house her fiancé purchased for them.

Trinity and her friends decide to spend a night at the house to see why the neighbors believe it to be haunted and find themselves terrorized by three men in clown masks. What are they looking for?

Tunnels from the prohibition days are found under the house. A loan shark turns out to be the key to the mystery, and Trinity wonders if she’ll live long enough to see her wedding day.

Join this quirky group as they embark on another adventure…maybe their deadliest one yet. AMAZON

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