Zombie YA Novella

It’s not about the ZOMBIES, it’s about the SURVIVORS Attempts to divert a giant meteor from striking the Earth fail. Instead, the meteor was broken and showered the earth with many. One of which strikes a government test facility unleashing a plague like none the world has ever seen. Chalice Hart watches her mother die and then flees their home with her brother and sister. They team up with another group of survivors and head west in search of a safe zone. The horrors they encounter were only imagined in Chalice’s nightmares. The one redeeming factor is the handsome Colton Morgan. A young man who quickly becomes much more than a friend. KINDLE          NOOK




Who is the woman following Chalice and her group? The Survivors of a zombie apocalypse are searching for a safe zone. A place where they can start a new life, and thrive. While they manage to find the supplies they need, Chalice and Colton are sure their good luck can’t last, especially when others try to take what belongs to them and hordes of zombies wait down every road. Can they find their sanctuary before they all turn into one of the non-breathers? KINDLE                  NOOK





Chalice’s and Colton’s group of survivors is growing, but their stock of supplies aren’t. When they find a place to settle for a while, it seems other survivors want what they have and send the largest horde of undead their way Chalice has seen yet, not to mention Colton brings a woman back from the dead. The road to a safe place is long and Chalice begins to fear they’ll never find a place safe from the dead who now rule the world. Will they find their haven? Will they ever be able to forge a new “normal” life? KINDLE              NOOK






zombie girl with loong hair in an abandoned buildingA new improved version of the zombie virus is plaguing the survivors, creating a new species much faster than the old, and a group of military survivalists are burning every building in sight to capture people young enough to repopulate the earth. Chalice and Colton must protect their ever-growing group against the new dangers and find a place large enough to house their small community. Can they push back the new threat and overcome an even deadlier obstacle?

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zombie girl with loong hair in an abandoned building


Chalice Hart and Colton Morgan have forged a life for themselves and their ragtag group of survivors, fortifying a mall into a place to wait out the apocalypse. But, there is evil still out there. The dead who want to eat them, and the living who want what they have and will stop at nothing to obtain it. When a survivalist group steal the young girls living at the mall, Chalice and Colton have to do what goes against their conscience to get them back.

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  1. I have been waiting impatiently for the next book in the Zombie Awakening series! I love this series, it keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next! Looking forward to book 5

    1. I am hoping to release #5 by the end of Summer. So glad you liked it! Thank you for taking the time to drop me a note.

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