Fantasy/Science Fiction/dystopian

A future determined by the spin of a wheel.

Monsters roam the desecrated city.

 A girl chosen to change the course of the world.

On Crynn Dayholt’s eighteenth birthday, she spins the wheel. The needle lands on the only black square. For ten years or her death, whichever comes first, she is now the leader of a group of people called the Stalkers. People sent from the safety of Soriah to clear the city outside the wall of Malignants, a breed formed by earth’s desecration.

But Soriah holds a secret. One Crynn wants to expose.

Fawke Newton, the Stalkers’ best fighter is reluctant to go along with Crynn’s daring plan. He has two more years to serve before he can return to Soriah. Would he jeopardize everything for her?

The Stalkers fight not only Malignants as they travel a city still on fire, the air rank, the rain poison. All their lives will be forfeit if Crynn’s plan fails.

Is she up to the task?

Hunger Games Meets I Am Legend AMAZON

Will Tarin choose comfort or true love? When Tarin Baker’s beloved Nana dies, she is left with a letter and a plain wooden box. The letter instructs Tarin to open the box and find true love. Transported back to the year 1888, Tarin wants only to go home. How could her true love possibly be in the middle of nowhere, Texas? Travis Kilroy doesn’t know what to think when a strange woman with strange hair wearing only a nightgown shows up on his doorstep in the middle of the night. But, when his reputation is threatened, he proposes an idea neither of them is ready for. AMAZON

Do You Know What's Chasing You? Mystery and Suspense Author