Fate of the Faes Trilogy


A darkness approaches that only a fae can stop.

Evil forces threaten to cover the human world with darkness. The faerie world is dependent on the human world’s survival or they, too, will perish. Shayna, a faerie warrior of the Light is sent to the human world to prevent that from happening and must convince a human to help her.

When she reveals her true self to Detective Pierce Cochran, his world is thrust upside down. Everything he believed to be a fairy tale is true.

The faerie and the detective join forces against a growing number of demons and vampires, enlisting the help of an assortment of creatures Pierce didn’t know existed. Magic and weaponry collide as the mis-matched group of warriors race toward the final battle. AMAZON



  Can an odd group of fae, human, leprechauns, and witches save not one world, but two?

The epic battle between good and evil continues with Deema training the warriors for her queen. Once a follower of the dark, Deema’s responsibilities increase as she strives to prove her worth to a race of fae she’d once betrayed. Not only is her life in danger against an evil traitor’s creation of a new breed of demon, but she longs to bind herself to a human…something forbidden to an heir of the throne.

Shayna becomes queen of the faerie, but refuses to lay down her sword. Once a warrior, always a warrior. She changes laws, rebuilds, and steps alongside Deema to fight an evil horde set on destroying not only the human world, but he’s as well. AMAZON



From leader of evil, to outcast, to wanting revenge, Kasdeya joins forces with the faeries in hopes of witnessing first hand the destruction of Abaddon. She’d forgotten what it felt like to be human, with a heart that could be broken. Now, she would fight alongside the very people she’d once tried to extinguish and find that being human came with its own treasures. Namely in the form of Detective Luke Marshal who saw through the darkness in Kasdeya and pulled her into the Light.

The final battle has come. While the outcome will be in favor of the Light, many will perish and it is up to Kasdeya, Shayna, and Deema to make sure as few lives are lost as possible. In this final book in the trilogy of The Fate of the Faes, a group of brave warriors must stare evil in the face. No one will walk away unscathed.

Can Kasdeya’s heart remain true or will she return to the power of the dark? The fate of two worlds rests in her hands. AMAZON


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