Secrets of Misty Hollow

She’s reeling from a shocking revelation.
He’s sworn to protect her.
As their passion grows, will they find love or death?

★★★★★This romantic suspense has more twists and turns than a windy road. Great story that kept me wanting to read more. It wasn’t hard to root for Karlie and Heath and service dog, Shadow.

Karlie Marshall’s biological father is not who she thought. When she learns he’s a vicious crime boss, her life in witness protection is revealed. Now he wants to get to know his daughter, but it may cost her everything.

Heath Westbrook’s career is in jeopardy. Keeping Karlie safe will lead to the ultimate promotion. But when this by-the-books Agent’s heart gets involved, intrigue may win out over duty.

As Karlie’s mob boss father closes in, she’ll have to put her trust in the dashing sheriff. But Heath has secrets that could tear them apart. Can they work together to see justice done, or will love lead to death? AMAZON
A woman wanting to hide…
A man who wants to be left alone…
A mother with a big secret that sets the two on a collision course.

Sierra Wells was told that a person could disappear in Misty Hollow. After she finds out her mother harbored a secret that shattered her world, she certainly hopes so. Except the very person she’s running from finds her and is determined to possess her.

Ex-military Spencer Thorne loves his solitary life on the mountain overlooking Misty Hollow. Until a pretty woman hits a deer close to his cabin. He knows she’s running from something and despite not wanting to get involved, he’s always had a soft spot for anything hurting.

Insanity, obsession, and danger follow them as they try to stop a killer while exploring their growing feelings for each other. Will they survive the terror hanging over the town and stop the man determined to have Sierra? AMAZON
A serial killer with a taste for blonds.
A woman determined to get revenge.
Two people with no time for love.

Misty Hollow is anything but calm for Madison Everton. When her sister, the only family she had left, is murdered by a serial killer stalking the women of Misty Hollow, Madison is determined to find out the killer’s identity. Women are being abducted and held for three days before their bodies are dumped and the women all hold a strong resemblance to Madison. Will she find him before he finds her?

After the brutal murder of his brother and sister-in-law, Captain Ryan Maxwell resumes custody of his ten-year-old nephew and accepts a position with the sheriff’s department to find out why the serial killer in Misty Hollow left another city and moved to the mountain town. His job is made harder when he falls for the beautiful elementary schoolteacher Madison. To further complicate things, the killer always seems to be a step ahead of him. He’s close. Ryan can feel it, but how close to him is the killer?

Neither he nor Madison are looking for romance. Neither plan on sticking around in Misty Hollow. Their hearts may have another idea altogether.

Can these two stop a killer before becoming victims themselves or will they suffer heartache? AMAZON
A threatening letter.
Hidden clues.
A woman on the run.

Alisa Gosling finds a piece of a letter under a desk in an office she cleans. Curiosity has her locating the other pieces. Putting the puzzle together, she discovers a threatening letter best left hidden. As danger increases after she turns the letter over to the police, she flees to Misty Hollow and the Leaning O Ranch.

Trouble follows her, as the bad guys believe she has something they want. Local law enforcement can’t be trusted.
But she isn’t the only one with danger breathing down her neck. Her landlord, the handsome, Liam O’Ryan has trouble of his own. Turns out the town of Misty Hollow is under a cloud of crime as a drug lord chooses the town as his, and someone has pledged revenge against Liam for a past wrong.

Can Alisa and Liam escape the danger or will they become victims themselves? AMAZON
The new deputy in town has an agenda of her own.

Shea Sydney couldn’t be happier that she’d been hired on as Misty’s Hollows newest deputy. She needed a reason to live in the town and now she had the perfect one. She suspects the identity of the man who killed her father ten years ago and believes he lives in the small town of Misty Hollow. With a badge on her belt, she had the right to ask questions. She’d find out the truth one way or the other.

When Zeke Matchett is almost run over by the new deputy, he doesn’t suspect how her arrival in town will almost destroy his life and the winery he inherited. When trouble arrives close to home, he has to rely on Shea to keep him safe.

Can Shea let go of her desire for revenge and seek justice instead or will her tunnel vision be the end of her and Zeke?

This page-turning romantic suspense can be read as a standalone. AMAZON

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