Book Lover Box

Want a book, sometimes two, signed by me? Want that book along with some cool, useful swag items? In addition to a book, for $49.95 you’ll get a good variety of these things. Well worth the money you spend. Or, for $24.99, you can purchase a signed book, either mystery, romantic suspense, or romance in addition to some book swag.

Please specify on paypal which box you want and where to ship. Thank you!

  • Journal
  • Pens, pencil, letter openers
  • gift cards
  • bookmarks
  • homemade bath products to enjoy your book in a relaxing bath!
  • coffee products, mugs, etc.
  • Gift cards
  • Around the holidays, the boxes will contain Christmas items.
Book Lovers Box

Mystery Lover Box $49.95
Suspense Lover Box $49.95
Romance Lover Box $49.95

The Purely book box $24.95







Book Lovers Box

Do You Know What's Chasing You? Mystery and Suspense Author