Short Story Romantic Suspense

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Lisa Paxton loves her job as a Private Investigator. Spying on cheating spouses is easy work that pays well. But when classmates from high school twelve years ago are now targeted by a madman who kills them in violent ways, Lisa’s job description got a whole lot more dangerous. Add in a handsome ex-fling who suddenly wants to join his investigative business with Lisa’s and you have a fun, spicy, dangerous short story.






jack be nimble


After recovering from her near death at the hands of the man the newspapers dubbed The Eenie Meenie Miny Mo killer, Lisa Paxton finds herself and her business partner, Drake Baxter thrust into a deadly game of Jack Be Nimble. Their new sulty receptionist is not who she seems. Instead, she harbors a secret that can tear the Private Detective Agency apart and result in Lisa’s death. Are Lisa
and Drake quick enough to dodge a bullet? BUY NOW!


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Lisa Paxton, private investigator, is recuperating after her last dangerous case when a mysterious package arrives on her desk. From the moment her partner and lover, Drake Baxter dashes outside with the package, things go from a bang to a boom as they race to solve a crime before the clock ticks down. BUY NOW!


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