A Hollywood Murder Mystery series



Kelly Canyon wants to be an investigative journalist and takes photos of celebrities to pay the bills. When an actress is murdered following an interview by Kelly, she and Brock Handsome, uh, Hanson are the primary suspects. Mishap and hilarity ensue as Kelly is roped into clearing her name, helping the police catch a killer, and keep herself from being another notch in the belt of Hollywood’s Golden Boy. She never intended to star in a movie. Nope. Nada. Yep.

Yet, here she is acting in a movie, falling for Brock, and running from someone who very much wants her to stop trying to solve the murder, even if by doing so guarantees Kelly her job back. AMAZON



Kelly Canyon still doesn’t know her chosen career path, but is paying her bills by acting and taking photographs of celebrity pets. Her first book, based on the previous murder of a Hollywood starlet, promises to be a best-seller. Now, Kelly finds herself embroiled in another murder investigation rife with twists and turns, secrets and deception. With her furry sidekick, Shutterbug, Handsome Brock Hanson, and her fun-loving grandmother, she takes Hollywood by storm to catch a blackmailing killer and write another book. AMAZON